Research Papers


Choosing the Pond: On-the-job Experience and Long-Run Career Outcomes, with Ang Sun and Zhichao Wei, Management Science, Vol 64, Issue 2, (February 2018) pp. 860872.
Featured In: BBC Capital

Recover Overnight? Work Interruption and Worker Productivity, with Xiqian Cai, Yi Lu and Songfa Zhong, Management Science, Vol 64, Issue 8, (August 2018) pp. 34893500. Featured Article of August Issue

The Effect of Teacher Gender on Students' Academic and Noncognitive Outcomes, with Yi Lu and Hong Song, Journal of Labor Economics, Vol 36, No. 3, (July 2018) pp. 743778.

Law, Social Responsibility, and Outsourcing, with Qiang Fu and Ivan Png, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol 57, (March 2018) pp.114146.

Can Self Selection Create High-Performing Teams?  with Roy Chen, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol 148, (April 2018) pp. 2033.

Gender Peer Effects on Students' Academic and Noncognitive Outcomes: Evidence and Mechanism,  with Yi Lu and Hong Song, Journal of Human Resources, (September 2019) 09189736R2.

The Average and Distributional Effects of Teenage Adversity on Long-Term Health, with Yi Lu and Huihua Xie,  Journal of Health Economics, Volume 71, (May 2020) 102288.

Working Papers

Incentive Design on MOOC: A Field Experiment, May 2019, with Tracy Liu and Jie Tang. 

Adolescent Environment and Noncognitive Skills, Dec 2017, with Yi Lu and Huihua Xie.

The Returns to an Additional Year of Education for College Graduates, with Jessica Pan.

Conference Publications

Modeling and Predicting Learning Behavior in MOOCs, with Qiu, Jiezhong, Jie Tang, Tracy Xiao Liu, Chenhui Zhang, Qian Zhang and Yufei Xue. Proceeding of ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM 2016), San Francisco, CA, USA, February 22-25, 2016.